Mardin diary...

 On 8th April, our project team including Ms Sarah Keating, Head of Unit for Regional and Bilateral Co-operation -South East Europe Education Department DG II - Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation, Council of Europe, and Ms Isabel Cristovam-Bellman from the same department, Seda Arican, Project Officer, and Arzu Burcu Tuner Dedeoğlu, Linguistic Assistant visited two pilot schools in Mardin. In both schools, they were welcomed very warmly and were impressed by the results of the project 
activities implemented in schools so far. 

In Selahaddin Eyyübi Primary and Lower-Secondary, president of the school parliament made a presentation to the delegation. In her presentation, she summarised how they implemented democratic school activities, with a specific focus on the "Democracy Desk". School counselling teacher also provided 
information about the outcomes of each specific activity and their methodology. In Mardin Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, project team met the school parliament members. Students proudly presented the accomplishments they have had since the project started. Their belief in the sustainability of the democracy culture was promising. Almost all classroom representatives underlined that they have built a culture in which they feel comfortable and can find solutions to their common problems. This process 
seems to have empowered students and built their self-confidence, equipping them with necessary skills to negotiate and to solve problems, which is one of the main aims of the elective course on "Democracy and Human Rights", as well as the activities carried out under the scope of democratic school culture.

Now let us explain what we did in Mardin so that you know more about what our schools are doing…

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